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Getting Comfortable

Getting Comfortable

The most interesting response I got to the previous post was from a gentleman that said, “I’m sorry you have gone through this, but what does self-care have to do with corporate culture?” I squealed, clapped my hands and replied, “Everything! Let’s dig into that!”
When we think about corporate culture, we often think about things like team outings, foosball tables, and positive employee surveys. It is most assuredly seen as HR’s domain. At Foundation LLC, we want to explore corporate culture in a much more nuanced way. We believe that the culture you keepTM is everyone’s responsibility and is affected by factors beyond free bagel Friday. Although, everyone loves free snacks. The corporate culture framework is the same across all industries (industry agnostic). It doesn’t change. What changes is what part of the framework you give your attention. Strong corporate culture frameworks are managed with the same degree of intention that one applies to their brand. It’s that important.
Over the next several posts we will address topics not usually discussed in the context of corporate culture, but that have a profound effect on any culture. In turn these topics affect risk, retention, productivity, profitability and overall brand value. Beyond self-care, we will look at subjects like communication, gossip, flow, innovation and their relation to growing a culture. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to ensure you don’t miss these.
I will most always use a reference to my experience, because I like to speak of things that I was present for and of which I have seen patterns. Not all of these will be comfortable. This is by design. We have spent much time developing a country culture that places a premium on comfort, and that has become our potential downfall. We need to change this for ourselves and our children. So, we are starting with some uncomfortable subjects, but stick with me and I promise it gets fun.
Why is discomfort so bad anyway?  I mean it really gets a bad rap, especially as we get older. When we were kids we laughed and cried about things that were new and/or uncomfortable…often at the same time. When I was little my uncle would swing us around by our ankles. We laughed until we got scared and then we cried. Almost invariably upon being put safely down, we’d ask for more, more, more, with a squeal. Yet, as we get older we avoid this feeling. Further, we bristle against the people that seem to facilitate the discomfort and vilify those that seem to be unaffected by it.
Excitement coupled with discomfort inhabits every part of our lives, personal and professional. It’s part of the human condition. We are all struggling with this in some way. However, every amazing thing in our lives has been preceded by discomfort. . .if we push through. The butterflies before that first date with your future husband or wife, the knot in your stomach as you walked into the interview with that company that you always wanted to work with/for (nailed it!), those moments during your pregnancy when it was all so much. Every amazing thing. Why not get comfortable with uncomfortable? For a deeper discussion on being comfortable with being uncomfortable, check out this amazing Ted Talk.
What is the most uncomfortable thing in your life right now? What are you on the verge of? Push through! There is joy on the other side.
Want help creating environments where your teams run toward the discomfort, instead of away?  Contact us!
Mireya Manigault
Founder and Senior Managing Partner