Foundation, LLC
Brick by Brick


From New York to California

Our clients think culture. It's just good business.


Many of our clients left corporate America because they didn't like the culture. However, giving their blood, sweat and tears to building a start-up left little time for defining their culture. We help our clients solidify a strong culture right from the start.

Venture Capital/Private equity

Our clients want to know if their portfolio companies may end up in the news. They want to understand red flags present in potential investments, and how they may support those investments in addressing red flags. We help our clients identify and address risk.



Our clients know that they are not exempt from cultural rifts just because they are in the non-for-profit sector. They recognize that because they often deal with the most vulnerable, it is important that they mind their culture. We help our clients ensure their culture aligns with their values.

Fortune 1000

As, we grow it becomes more difficult to mind our culture and things happen. Our clients want to know how to turn these around and create strong processes to mind their culture in a large, complex organization. We help our clients learn from their current state and move forward stronger.