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Foundation, LLC began out of a longing for work environments that support the uniqueness of each contributor and that move beyond the dog-eat-dog nature that has become the norm. It sounds like utopia, but we've each been fortunate enough to have experienced these environments in our careers. Each of us has endeavored to create such environments and have seen their success.

We are a diverse group of academics, technicians, consultants, big-industry folks and entrepreneurs. We are Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Overall, though, each of us was a "Why?" child. That quest to answer the question of "why" led us to ask questions like:

  • What is the ideal environment (culture, behavior, infrastructure)?
  • Why are these environments so rare, when they are highly productive?
  • Why are these environments frightening, at least initially?
  • What tools are needed to maintain the ideal environment?

In seeking answers, we found that there were few resources in the marketplace. We began testing team styles, culture expectations and management styles in our work over five years. We were surprised by the consistency of the outcomes: teams that went above and beyond; results that exceeded expectations; teams that engaged outside of their competencies and comfort zones; and happy teams that embodied the defined values. Time and again these were our results, even in highly diverse, multi-generational teams. 

These can be your results. If the way things are isn't working for you or your employees and you are ready to redefine your culture, we are ready to help you. 


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